My Livescribe Pulse Smartpen a Year Later: Still Used?

It has been almost a year since I bought the Livescribe Pulse Smartpen to use on my then new job.

Livescribe Pulse Smartpen Arrived: Sync Platform/Form Factor Decision Still Ahead

The period one year after getting a new gadget is always a good point to take stock of it and evaluate its value. Here’s where my Pulse Smartpen is one year later:

– Still in use regularly for almost all long form formal meetings
– Found new uses including field discussions outdoors and for recording podcasts
– Pen memory is about half-used after a year of use
– First 8.5×11 notebook about half-used
– Flip notepad about 1/3 used
– Ink cartridge has been replaced once (switched from black to blue to help track switching)
– Recent upgrades to pen and desktop software (both Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows) have resulted in what seems to me to be a less stable synchrnoization process.

While I’m concerned about the issues I’ve had syncing the pen with my desktop/notebook computers over the past few months, the pen remains in regular use. It still gets my strong recommendation for people who need to or want to easily create digital copies of their “ink” work (text or graphics) as well as associated audio recordings. The unexpected use of the pen to record podcasts during a conventional telephone call (no Skype) was a valuable bonus. That use alone justifies continued use of the pen for me.