MyNetworkTV’s Party at Cafe Milano

(Megyn Kendall, Laurie Duhe, Bret Baier, and Amy Baier)

DC’s Upper Crust made it out to Cafe Milano last night for Capitol File’s celebration of MyNetwork TV (from the folks who brought you Fox, the Fox News Channel and FX).

Bo Derek was the main draw (she’s in the MyNetworkTV show “Fashion House”).

Media types in the house: CNN’s Edie Emery and David Bohrman. Fox’s Megyn Kendall, Laurie Dhue, Bret Baier, Mort Kondracke, Hadley Gamble and Chris Wallace. WUSA’s Mike Walter. WMAL’s Chris Berry. Washington Times’ John McCaslin, Stephanie Mansfield and Kevin Chaffee. Washington Post’s Roxanne Roberts. WUSA 9’s Derek McBinty. Alexandria Times’ John Arundel. Fox 5’s Laura Evans and Will Thomas. MyTV’s Taylor Kinney, Natalie Martinez and Donna Feldman. National Geographic Channel’s Laureen Ong. Washingtonian’s Garrett Graff and National Journal’s Katherine Birrow. Wonkette’s Alex Pareene and Wonkette Photog Liz Gorman.

David Bass protege Qorvis’ Seth Thomas Pietras and Capitol File’s Anne Schroeder.

Natalie Martinez of MyTv

Derika Abraham and Donna Feldman of MyTv

(Keri Meslar, Katherine Kennedy, Pamela Sorensen, Hadley Gamble, and Ashley Taylor)

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Wonkette’s Alex Pareene and Liz Gorman

And, of course, more Liz Gorman.