What stops users from connecting with an app through Facebook?

MyPermissions, a privacy certification firm, recently expanded to include developer trust certification that ensures user data collected by developers through Facebook remains private and secure.

The firm collects data on 70+ different Facebook permissions and their influence on user sign ups. Many times, users will cancel their app connection when it asks for certain permissions within their Facebook profile, as seen in MyPermissions November 2013 findings:

  • 72 percent cancel if an app requests to see their relationships;
  • 67 percent cancel if the app want to post on their behalf;
  • 83 percent cancel if the app wants to upload photos; and
  • 62 percent cancel if the app wants to access their friend list.

As one many privacy apps in the marketplace, MyPermissions understands that now, more than ever, people are cautious to trust anything new. As privacy concerns rise, however, fewer people are willing to connect as seen above. This equals 850 million users who connect with apps using Facebook at a 59 percent conversion rate. About 590 million users back out of connecting based on allowed permissions within an app.

David Habusha, VP Products & Co-Founder of MyPermissions, told Inside Facebook:

Many of the websites want to connect with personal info to give a better user experience. This requires a certain level of trust. With Facebook, there’s a permissions page where users can cancel and go back if they don’t know or trust the site that wants access to their private information. Trust starts with the website.

Currently, MyPermissions has about 30 developers in their certification program. They range from hiring websites and career sites to social games. This is what the MyPermissions Trust Certification does for developers:

  • Creates a consistent experience for users;
  • Builds confidence in offerings to be fair;
  • Know there is a “checks and balances” system in place to feel safer about sharing data with a site; and
  • General transparency.

Since its launch in May, MyPermissions has seen an 8 percent increase in conversions from developers enrolled in their Trust Certification.