MySpace Hopes New Privacy Settings Will Bring Users Back

Angry at Facebook for misleading users? Come back to MySpace! Mike Jones, Co-President of MySpace, announced to day that they’ll soon launch new privacy settings. According to Jones, “Setting options will include public, friends only, or public to anyone 18 or over.” So I guess MySpace figures users will determine what’s appropriate for adults and what isn’t?

The company’s obvious position is that Facebook’s granular privacy settings are overly complicated. If that’s the company’s argument, they aren’t alone. Practically everybody I talk to says that they don’t understand Facebook’s privacy settings. Even more important is that those same users are saying that they won’t be leaving Facebook despite all the ongoing privacy issues.

So if MySpace is launching the new privacy settings in hopes that ex-Facebook users will come running into their open embrace, it’s a pretty long shot. Despite the company’s continued hiring of top tier employees, all traffic signs suggest that the company is not staging a turnaround anytime soon.