Fashion Blogger Changes Into

If we told you that a former CEO of Myspace was now involved in the mail-order underwear business, would it surprise you? According to a profile of the two west coast entrepreneurs responsible for, which officially busts out of beta today, Mike JonesScience Inc. provided seed funding for the company at the end of last year.

The main competition for is However, both the lower monthly delivery price point and higher-quality source material may give this LA-Turkey based operation a waistband edge:

The underwear is made from Modal, a soft, smooth fabric made of reconstituted cellulose from the beech tree, which, unlike cotton, is designed not to shrink. “It’s a great-feeling fabric,” says [co-founder] Jonathan Shokrian. “We searched for the best factories and the best fabric.”

The idea for a seamless, monthly underwear replenish came to the 27-year-old Shokrian after a particular difficult time dealing with this clothing issue on the road. The former fashion blogger did all the photography for the website and is partnered in this venture with childhood pal Barak Diskin.

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@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.