MySpace Promotes Mardosz To Chief Privacy Officer

MySpace announced yesterday Jennifer Mardosz as their new Senior Vice President and Chief Privacy Officer effective immediately. MySpace appears to be taking a proactive role by promoting a MySpace veteran and heavy hitter like Mardosz to the front lines leading the Safety, Security & Privacy teams where she will be responsible for evaluating various impacts of privacy laws and policies for MySpace.

Before working in social networks, Mardosz once served as Corporate Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer at Qwest Communications and is a Certified Information Privacy Professional with the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP). She even held an active role with the United States Attorney’s office of Colorado, helping lead prosecution on internet cases dealing with crimes against children.

Last week Facebook partnered up with Yelp, Pandora, Microsoft and a few others creating a controversy over whether privacy should be automatically opt-out or opt-in for third party vendors, which many people believe will create a huge gap in privacy protection especially for users that are not “Settings Savvy.” Chris Kelly, the ex-Chief Privacy Officer has criticized some of the recent Facebook moves as we covered yesterday.

While some networks are becoming more open, others like MySpace are placing experienced Chief Privacy Officers to oversee new network strategies. For MySpace Jennifer Mardosz has re-written code of conduct at previous employers it should be no surprise in the new few weeks more changes related to user privacy will be rolled out.