Myspace Returns as Social Launch Pad for Artists

In case you weren’t aware that Myspace does actually exist outside the nostalgic realm of late 90’s pre-teendom (because we weren’t), the reinvented social media site has launched a $20 million campaign to enlighten you.

The reincarnated Myspace, owned in part by Mr. Suit and Tie himself — Justin Timberlake, is now a fully operational social discovery service for musicians, artists, and other creatives, and is celebrating its relaunch with a new iPhone app, radio and digital advertising, and its first-ever TV commercials.

You can watch the full 90-second spot below, shortened versions of which began airing on channels like Comedy Central, MTV and ESPN last night. Myspace owner Specific Media, whichĀ developed the commercial, is alsoĀ having the celebrities who appear in the ad distribute the video via their social feeds. Though Timberlake does not appear in the ad, the spot features plenty of fresh-faced and excited young artists to grab your attention, including Pharrell, Ciara, Mac Miller, Riff Raff, Erin Wasson and Chance The Rapper.

Relaunching a long-out-of-favor brand is always complicated and risky, and while it is far too soon to tell whether the new Myspace will succeed, we think having J.T. at the helm is at the very least a good omen — if anyone can lead the transition from 90’s relic to current success, we’d put our money on Timberlake.