MySpace User Home Page Test Shows More Plans for Third-Party Apps

MySpace notified developers that it would be making a change to how applications appear in 10% of users’ home pages, earlier this week. We’ve gathered a few details on what’s going on. First, from the company developer blog:

Starting Thursday, April 15th, Myspace will be changing the way apps display on the user home page. We will be piloting this new format for a week, and we would love your feedback. Our goal is to achieve a more efficient use of space on this page by removing the applications from the right hand side. Furthermore, this should also significantly increase both performance as well as user interaction. This test will only affect 10% of the users who hit this page, and will not affect how app canvas or profile pages are displayed.

Specifically, the “My Apps” module on users’s home pages will be removed, and replaced with a persistent toolbar that runs across the bottom of the page, that will show apps. This is only a small, limited test, however. The company is trying to see if the toolbar can help drive engagement. Taking the module out of the page may also help decrease its load-time.

We’ve seen many companies experiment with bottom toolbars of this sort; some users like them, some users don’t. In this case, MySpace is trying to figure out if the feature is right for its users.

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