Mystery of NJ’s Reorganization Solved For Now

For days we’ve been hearing rumors and bits and pieces of news regarding changes at NJ. We’ve even gotten nasty, rotten missives from anonymous tipsters who want us to cover these changes but offer nothing but anonymous scraps. Not that we’re not appreciative, but news of internal changes at any publication cannot be reported in that manner.

Today we’ve gotten word straight from the horse’s mouth — in this case, that horse being NJ Editor Charles Green.

Fact: There is a reorganization going on within the publication to unify NJ Magazine, CongressDaily, the Web site and The Hotline. Explained Green, there are four different newsrooms within the Watergate offices. This is what will change. For example, they want all health care reporters reporting to the same editor.

Green said NJ will not reduce or merge the publications. He said there will still be four separate operations, but they will be united in spirit and in practical ways. CongressDaily will still operate from Capitol Hill. The rest will still operate from the Watergate offices. “We’re not reducing the number of publications,” Green said. “In fact, we’re going to be increasing the amount of online contest over the next couple of months.”

Fact: There will be staff reductions. Green said they will be in the “single digits.” At the moment there are approximately 100 editorial employees.

While sources say the mood at NJ is nothing short of “morose,” Green insists that “anytime you have a reorganization there is some uncertainty and nervousness, that’s natural.” He said he’s certain that will be abated as the situation becomes more clear to staff. “We’re in the process of trying to ensure that when we make final decisions on staffing issues that they will have an opportunity to put their hand up and [have their say].”

Green said the process for staff reshuffling has not been finalized. It is not yet known if editorial staff will need to reapply for their jobs or for another they may want. “We want to do it in a way that is respectful of our staffers,” he said.

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