Name Anagrams and Akinator Answers Reach This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Apps

The top entry on this week’s list of emerging Facebook apps, measured as those still under a million monthly active users, is Name Analyzer, which doesn’t analyze so much as create a pre-determined anagram from the letters of your name. Each letter is associated with a word (C for Cheerful, H for Happiness, and so forth), and the result can be shared on your wall.

Name Analyzer links to appears to be associated with Friend Interview, an friend quiz that periodically gets banned, but we can’t tell for sure. Here’s the full AppData list of 20 apps:

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain Gain, %
1. Name Analyzer 559,557 +432,916 +341.85
2. Fish Friends 934,240 +428,760 +84.82
3. ¡Teclas Machucadas! 331,613 +276,567 +502.43
4. Akinator 789,626 +238,401 +43.25
5. Car Madness 721,577 +187,783 +35.18
6. Funfari 174,752 +174,743 +1,941,588.89
7. Agatha’s Horoscopes 332,502 +168,566 +102.82
8. FarmVillain 563,473 +158,459 +39.12
9. Your Japanese Name 996,038 +151,742 +17.97
10. Dailymotion Videos 385,559 +151,149 +64.48
11. Friend of the Day! 448,117 +145,876 +48.26
12. Battle Punks 206,542 +135,986 +192.73
13. What is your spirit animal? 200,633 +130,515 +186.14
14. Evony 329,882 +127,222 +62.78
15. Pet Forest Online 245,655 +125,601 +104.62
16. Write In Pictures 380,779 +122,056 +47.18
17. Do you really know me? 512,847 +116,695 +29.46
18. WPT Texas Hold ‘Em Poker 198,697 +113,127 +132.20
19. Football Mania 118,219 +106,397 +899.99
20. Kendi Benzerini Bul 241,868 +106,026 +78.05

Fish Friends, a Playdom game, isn’t far behind Name Analyzer. Despite having missed the fish game fad on Facebook by several months, it’s doing rather well. We’ll cover the rest of its category this morning over at Inside Social Games.

Akinator is the follow-up on a French-language app that plays a version of 20 questions. The English version has been growing steadily for several weeks. Both, of course, are based on a much older website whose traffic seems to have spiked right around the time the apps started becoming successful on Facebook.

Agatha’s Horoscopes is just what it sounds like. As with other recent horoscope apps, this one attempts to post its daily readings to your wall, where friends can see it. FarmVillain, the next app on the list, is also all about wall posts, but in this case they’re fake FarmVille-style messages. Following a couple bannings for bad taste, the app is humming along with half a million MAU.

As you can see, there are several more interesting-looking apps on the list. The only other one we’ll point out is Dailymotion Videos. This is the app version of Dailymotion, one of the few indie video sites that survived YouTube; its rapidly-growing app essentially recreates the site on Facebook.