Name the Only Group That Has Grown Less Accepting of LGBT in the U.S.

If this is your group, contact your nearest PR director.

world-map-of-stereotypesStereotypes can be an awful thing.

Some are funny and playful; others, not so much. You can get labeled whether you are a “card-carrying member” of a given group or if you happen to belong due to that thing we call genetics. So, back to the headline: Can you name that group? 

The Pew Research Council has the answer.

They asked people of diverse age groups and generations, cultures, educational backgrounds, religions and political persuasions the same questions about homosexuality and gay marriage in 2003, 2013 and 2015.

But first: America as a whole is becoming a more understanding place to live.

pew 1

Nice. More people have more gay and lesbian friends, so those same people are more accepting of the LGBT community in general. Good job, America.


pew 2

Again, look at us, lady Liberty. All of our poor, tired, and huddled masses believe this gay marriage thing will be coming to a Justice of the Peace near you (if it hasn’t already).

So the question regarding the only group that has become less accepting of gay rights and LGBT equality? Conservative Republicans, come on down!

Unfortunately, there is some PR bridge building for you to do. This report is particularly timely given the fact that election season is nigh upon us, kids.

This graph is a bit of a mixed bag for the GOP, but if they want to win more popular support then they might need to have a talk with their constituents.

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