Naomi From Jacksonville: ‘Hear me Out. I am a C-SPAN Junkie’

Meet “Naomi” from Jacksonville. She phoned into C-SPAN on the Republican line this morning and had a few things to get off her chest. Her big contention: C-SPAN “Morning Journal” hosts are biased toward Democrats and Independents. “I am calling really and please hear me out and please don’t turn me off,” she began. “I am a C-SPAN junkie.”

She had us at “junkie,” but this is when things got dicey. Like some callers, she grew perplexed as to whether she was really on air: “I like to listen to you all all the time and — to make it really quickly — HELLOOO?”

“Yeah, we’re listening,” the host assured.

Naomi got back down to business. “To make it real quick, I sit here every morning and have my breakfast and coffee, and cyber security and federal policy, I  will be listening to that.” Here comes her issue. “When it comes down [to] and I’m talking to the host to Republican lines, Democratic line and Independent line, I’m not asking and requesting, I’m pleading to the host and the fairness. I sit here and listen and count. The Democrats and the Independents are like three to one with the Republican calls. I want to know, why is that? I pay my bills to C-SPAN. I tally these things. It’s unfair.”

The host attempted to soothe her: “Thanks for your observations, we’ll take a note of it.”