NASA Releases Free eBook About Hubble Telescope

Science nerds can rejoice because NASA is getting into more digital publishing with its latest books, Hubble Space Telescope: Discoveries and Webb Space Telescope: Science Guide. The books are available in Apple’s iBookstore and in PDF format. NASA’s eBooks are extremely interactive – you can manipulate telescope models and watch galaxy collisions on your iPAD for free.

This great resource provides in-depth information on the technology behind NASA’s famed telescope, The Hubble, which has been in operation since 1990 and has provided the public with astounding imagery of space. The interactive book details the history of the telescope’s creation as well as some of the great discoveries it has enabled.





Hubble Space Telescope: Discoveries

Behind the Hubble Space Telescope’s stunning images of the cosmos lies a record of scientific breakthroughs. Hubble has had a front-row seat for the explosive death of stars, measured the age of the universe, and studied planets beyond our solar system. Learn how Hubble has changed the face of astronomy and opened our eyes to some of the universe’s biggest mysteries.

Webb Space Telescope: Science Guide

Hubble’s successor, the Webb Space Telescope, will reveal a cosmos hidden from us, showing the first stars flickering to life in the distant universe and the dust-obscured surpises within our own galaxy. Find out how its innovative technology will give us this new view of the universe.






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