National Geographic Captures the Wilds of … Florida Elections

A look at the state, from Florida men to the Everglades.

When a publication known for capturing the exotic, the tragic, the sacred and profane of unusual places looks to Florida in the run-up to the primaries, there are really so many ways to take this.

But National Geographic already did the comparative verbal play for us. “We often cover wild animals at National Geographic. Now our photographer David Guttenfelder turns his lens on political animals in Florida,” is the explanation provided for the photo series, in which Guttenfelder travels through the hanging chad Sunshine sState depicting the electoral frenzy, as well as the general sense of the state. And an alligator.

Throughout his career, Guttenfelder’s assignments have been based mainly outside the country, making this one a surreal experience for him. Here’s how he explained it to NatGeo:

“My whole adult life I’ve been watching America on TV like the rest of the world. I’ve been watching this political story on TV like everybody else and I feel like I’ve been thrust into the middle of this circus that doesn’t look real to people and doesn’t look real to me at all.”

Although we think many who have stayed firmly inside this country feel the same.

See more of his photos here.

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