National Geographic Is Celebrating New Year’s Eve on Instagram

Four accounts will welcome 2020 throughout the day

The National Geographic logo - Credit by National Geographic

National Geographic is celebrating the arrival of 2020 on Instagram.

Four of Nat Geo’s Instagram accounts (the main National Geographic account, National Geographic Travel, National Geographic Adventure and National Geographic Your Shot) will share pictures of New Year’s Eve celebrations taken by its photographers around the world. These four Nat Geo Instagram accounts have a combined follower count of around 175 million users.

The campaign aims to share a “realistic view” of New Year’s Eve celebrations. The photographers who wish to participate weren’t given any restrictions or requirements related to the photos they capture.

Two example photos from the campaign are embedded below. The first photo, taken by Michaela Skovranova, begins the campaign by showing off the New Year’s Eve celebration in Sydney.

The second image, captured by Ian Teh, highlights the arrival of midnight in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.

Additional photos will be shared on Instagram as different time zones around the world reach midnight. A total of 40-50 images will be shared throughout the day, with the final photo being taken in Molokai, Hawaii. The campaign will end with an Instagram Story post that includes a quick look at the photos taken during the day.

Josh Raab, director of Instagram at Nat Geo, said, “National Geographic often spends months or years working on its stories. This is an opportunity to show our viewers the world in near-real-time. We plan to give honest depictions of New Years’ Eve as our photographers experience them across the world.”

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