National Geographic’s ‘Weird But True’ App Debuts As Bestseller

Want to know how many noses and teeth slugs have? National Geographic has a new book app available for kids that will help you figure it out (3,000 teeth, 4 noses).

The new app is called WeirdButTrue is full of random facts, like thatĀ girls have more taste buds than boys do.Ā The app, which launched on September 1st, is currently the top paid app in the books category on iTunes and is No. 3 on the Top Grossing iPad books list.

What makes a top selling app? Well aside from the brand name, this app targets kids, is $1.99 and includes design elements like the ability “toĀ wipe from fact to fact or shake the device to see a random fact.” It’s also got aĀ “Weird-O-Meter” that lets users rate the level of weirdness for each fact.