National Journal Celebrates 25 Years of the NJ Daily

It used to come by fax.

When the National Journal Daily, née Congress Daily, debuted 25 years ago, it arrived via the internet of its time: the fax machine.

This was timely delivery for its day, folks, as National Journal publisher Poppy MacDonald explains in a note to staff marking the occasion.

“At the time, those who followed Congress had to wait until the next morning for the daily newspapers, but with the creation of Congress Daily, the ‘latest inside news from Congress—the strategies that are planned, deals forged, and alliances formed,’ was available the very same day. Same-day news was revolutionary.”

In the beginning, Congress Daily printed out of the machines of 1,500 subscribers, growing over time to 15,000, ditching the fax for more convenient forms along the way. But if you miss the feel of a physical sheet in your hand, you can always send it to your printer.