NBC and NJ Team Up to Host Prez Debate in Tampa

NBC poll guru and MSNBC “Daily Rundown” co-host Chuck Todd peaked interest with the following: “Got a big announcement planned for @dailyrundown tmro. Yes, I know, lame to tease now, but I’m excited about it. See u at 9am ET.”

The news? NBC News, NJ, the St. Petersburg Times and Florida Council of 100 is sponsoring a new presidential debate in Tampa early next year. Tampa is the site of the 2012 Republican National Convention. This is NJ‘s first time ever co-sponsoring a presidential debate.

See more details from NBC’s “First Read” email newsletter…

Time to announce another debate: NBC News, National Journal, the St. Petersburg Times, and the Florida Council of 100 are announcing today that they will co-sponsor a GOP presidential primary debate early next year. It will be held at the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa, which is the site of the Republican’s 2012 convention. It would be the first time that presidential primary candidates will debate in the SAME arena where one of them will return to accept the nomination. The exact date depends on the timing of the first big three contests, but the event is expected to be the first major debate following the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire and South Carolina primaries. Florida has been DECISIVE in every presidential election this century, including 2008 when John McCain essentially ended the Republican primary fight with a victory in that primary.