NBC News Gets Twitter Hacked

UPDATE: The Latest…A statement from NBC News: “The NBC News twitter account was hacked late this afternoon and as a result, false reports of a plane attack on ground zero were sent to @NBCNews followers. We are working with Twitter to correct the situation and sincerely apologize for the scare that could have been caused by such a reckless and irresponsible act.”

UPDATE #2: We just got word that the @NBCNews account is “now back up and under our control.”

UPDATE #3: Watch Brian Williams read the statement on NBC Nightly News here.

In what may be the sickest “joke” of the weekend, NBC News’s official Twitter has been hacked. The last two tweets are reporting terrorist attacks and the account is not yet back in the network’s control:

“Breaking News! Ground Zero has just been attacked. Flight 5736 has crashed into the site, suspected hijacking. more as the story develops.”

“Flight 4782 is not responding, suspected hijacking. One plane just hit Ground Zero site at 5:47. #groundzeroattacked”

NBC’s Chuck Todd is confirming the news. “Yes, the NBC Twitter feed has been hacked.”

WaPo‘s Jonathan Capehart: “OUTRAGEOUS”

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