NBC, Time Warner Say iPad, iPhone a No-Go

The New York Post‘s Claire Atkinson writes that Time Warner and NBC have told Apple that they won’t be reworking their websites to take advantage of the computer companies growing iPhone and iPad platforms.

It also looks like they wont be building any video apps like the one ABC made either.

Though the iPad has been a huge hit, media companies are feeling emboldened in their rebuffing of Apple by the launch of rival touch-screen tablet devices, such as the ones coming from Dell Computer and Hewlett-Packard, sources said.

In addition, one media executive pointed out that Apple’s ability to dictate terms to the media giants will be weakened further by Google TV, a software product that enables viewers to watch online video on their big-screen TVs.

The decision is significant. Apple, through its iTunes store, essentially redefined the music business, to its own benefit. Record companies on the other hand have not bee as pleased with the rsult, seeing revenues and profits plunge.

Television networks are reluctant to acquiesce to every demand Apple makes. While many have shows available for download in the iTunes store, they have rebuffed calls by Apple to lower prices there. Likewise, while Apple is pushing its own “iAd” platform in iPad and iPhone apps, large media companies would prefer to monetize their content on their own terms, without having to give a cut to Apple.

If they do go to the iPad (which, if TV Everywhere catches on, they may have to) it will likely be in subscription format.