NEA Launches Free Museum Program for Military Personnel

Starting this sunny Tuesday morning on a positive note, yesterday the National Endowment for the Arts announced that they’d teamed up with the non-profit military support organization Blue Star Families in launching Blue Star Museums, a program which will waive museum fees for all active duty military personnel and their families. It will kick off this weekend, on Memorial Day, and run through the summer, until Labor Day. And while the program hasn’t been adopted by every museum in the country (what’s your deal, New Museum?), over 600 have signed on to open their doors for this good cause. Here’s a bit:

“There have always been wonderful examples of partnerships between museums and military installations, but the scale of this gift from the museum community to military families is thrilling,” said Blue Star Families Chairman Kathy Roth-Douquet.

“Military families work hard for this country, and it is gratifying for us to be recognized for that. We anticipate that thousands of military families will participate in the program and visit museums this summer — many of them for the first time. Blue Star Families will work hard to help our military families make the most of these opportunities.”

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