Twitter Testing ‘Nearby’ Tweets Timeline (Which Could Be A Goldmine For Local Businesses)

Twitter is famous for its “experiments” and its latest appears to be a feature that unveils nearby tweets, whether you follow that user or not – which could present a new opportunity for local businesses.

Called (wait for it) Nearby, the tool will surface local tweets through a new timeline for users who allow Twitter to see their location on the Twitter mobile app. A map shows the user’s current location above a timeline of recent, local tweets.

Location in the Twitter mobile app is off by default meaning users who want to use this service, should it become a core feature, will need to opt in. However, those that could now be targeted by small businesses, particularly those in retail, whose marketing tweets could be presented to potential customers in their immediate radius as they pass by or move closer to the business location.

(Source: Wall Street Journal. Map image via Shutterstock.)