Nelson Mandela Officially Joins Twitter After Reclaiming Profile

Nelson Mandela is now officially on Twitter, after his Centre Of Memory foundation successfully reclaimed the @NelsonMandela profile from a British man who had registered the account in 2008.

While the account has yet to be verified by Twitter, it already boasts over 4,000 followers, and this number should rise dramatically as the word spreads around the internet.

The previous owner, online consultant Richard Millington, was entirely compliant in the transition, reports The Daily Telegraph.

“Mr Millington did not hesitate when we contacted him last week requesting that we take over the page he had created,” said Sello Hatang, spokesman for the Mandela Foundation.

“We would like to encourage others who hold domains using Nelson Mandela’s name to hand them over to the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory.”

It’s unclear why Mr Millington registered the profile in the first place, although he claims that he forgot he had it.

As for Mandela, social media purists (cough) may be disturbed to know that he, or somebody in his team, isn’t above the use of text speak in tweets.

And while we’re at it, somebody should tell him that white-on-white doesn’t really work for your profile colour scheme.

Newbies, eh? Tsk.