Neon Tommy Investigates Photo-Enforced Intersection Scam

Love those kids over at Neon Tommy.

Contributor Trevor Thompson has a fantastic article investigating one of the most corrupt scams in California — photo-enforced stoplights. If you haven’t heard about this, you better read up, because it could wind up costing you a $500 to $600 fine one of these days.

Thompson reports that Los Angeles has set up cameras in 32 intersections throughout the city, and half of them fail to hold their yellow lights for a legally mandated three seconds.

How is anyone supposed to make a left turn in this city with such a short yellow period? They’re not. LA made $1.5 million from these cameras in 2008 — although Thompson failed to note how much the contractor who handles the camera systems, American Traffic Solutions, netted that same year.

That said, it’s a wonderful piece of journalism and well worth the read.

Also of note: Thompson discovers a new website called, which helps people beat their photo-enforced tickets.