Neon Tommy Profiled at Truth Dig

In his latest Truth Dig column, Bill Boyarsky profiles the young journalists of USC’s online newspaper Neon Tommy — and has good things to say about what he sees.

Neon Tommy looks for news far beyond the campus, filling a void left by the diminished staffs of the Los Angeles Times, suburban papers and local television and radio stations.

That was clear on March 4 when Neon Tommy dispatched 30 reporters to the streets and campuses to cover protests by students, faculty and relatives against the extreme reduction in funding for public education in California and elsewhere.

Filing videos, still pictures and words from Starbucks and their cell phones, the reporters in the field gave a fast and visual report on what was happening on the campuses. In the newsroom, a few staff members posted the incoming stories. Neon Tommy linked to campus and local websites around the country so its readers could see the extent of the protest. “Until we did that, we didn’t know what we were capable of,” said Grant.

A nice piece and some well-deserved praise for what has become L.A.’s second biggest local news operation behind the Times.