Nestivity Launches Tweetcast Twitter Chat Tool

Nestivity, a community engagement tool that enables you to organize Twitter conversations into structured “nests,” has rolled out its latest addition: a multimedia Twitter chat vehicle called Tweetcast.

Brands and individuals can now share a wide variety of media content in real time as they conduct live chats on Twitter.

With Tweetcasts, hosts can present documents, images, videos, polls, presentations, and live Google+ hangouts directly to their community.

And thanks to Nestivity’s moderator functionality, Tweetcasts are kept more controlled and less muddled than Twitter chats can be in the native Twitter environment.

Even better, Tweetcasts organized around a live event – say, a conference, a sports game, or a product launch – remain accessible as an ongoing discussion topic. For brands that host recurring tweet-based chats, the conversation can pick up right where it left off so you get the benefit of history (kind of like Storify).

The difference between Nestivity’s Tweetcast and Twubs’ newly released Twitter Chat Tool is the multimedia aspect of the former. Tweetcasts let you share images, video and other content alongside the conversation.

And people who see a tweet from a nest or Tweetcast on Twitter itself can easily join in as long as the tweet contains a direct link to the Nestivity-hosted conversation – no approval process or profile creation required.

There’s also Twitter Cards functionality built into the platform so if you’re tweeting to your followers about the Tweetcast, you can choose whichever thumbnail and description you’d like.

The Nestivity team tells AllTwitter that they’re hoping to eventually build in integration with other social networks in the future.

For more information and a list of Nestivity communities now available, head over here.

(Image via Shutterstock)