Nestle Modifies Supply Chain In Response To Greenpeace Social Media Campaign

Nestle, the world’s largest food processor, has announced major plans to re-work the company’s supply chain to limit environmental damage, in partnership with TFT (The Forest Trust).

Although the company didn’t acknowledge it in an announcement, media are reporting the move is related to pressure the company faced from a Greenpeace anti-deforestation campaign.

Greenpeace is of course happy to take credit.

PRNewser spoke in early April with Greenpeace Press Officer Daniel Kessler, who is leading the campaign. At the time, he told us that Nestle had pledged to stop buying palm oil, which is responsible for forest destruction.

The move came after Greenpeace encouraged its supporters to flood Nestle’s Facebook page with comments about the issue. The organization also launched a web video campaign.

Now, the company has announced even wider changes. Rolf Skar, senior forest campaigner with Greenpeace, told PRNewser today, “What [Nestle] did yesterday, was release a committment that was pretty sweeping…[it] was global policy that applies quite broadly to deforestation and their supply chain.”

The move, “sends a strong signal to producers that things are going change,” said Skar, while adding that Greenpeace plans on replicating the Nestle program with other brands.