Netflix for Nokia App Highlights Nokia’s App Fragmentation Problem

Screenshots courtesy of Nokia

This subject line from Nokia’s My daily app blog looks great at first glance…

More Cool Flash Lite Content in Netflix for Nokia App

But, if you read further, you might agree it represents a huge problem for Nokia. This free Netflix app that probably appeals to a lot of Nokia owners only works with Nokia’s highest end models: The Nokia N97 and 5800 XpressMusic touch screen phones. If you have any other N or E Series model, forget it… This app is not for you.

Nokia’s large line of smartphones is a very fragmented on. For example, I found that several recently released apps from Nokia worked with the N95 model but no the N96 model which was Nokia’s current highend smartphone prior to the release of the N97. Nokia doesn’t have an app story to tell until they figure out a way to create a common codebase for apps to run across most of their various smartphone models.

You can find Netflix for the N97 and 5800 in the Ovi Store at…

Netflix for Nokia N97

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