Netflix Subscribers Rejoice! 1.0.2 Update Allows iPad Video Output using the VGA Connector

I often equate “minor pot dot” app updates with simple and often uninteresting bug fixes. But, that is definitely not the case for:

Netflix 1.0.2

Yes, this 1.0.2 release claims to fix a few crash conditions. But, it also brings one huge new and much desired feature for Netflix subscribers with an iPad: The ability to display Netflix video using the iPad VGA connector or, they say, composite dongles. I assume they are talking about the composite video connector for the iPhone. I must admit I have not tried it with the iPad.

This means you can display Netflix video (TV shows and movies) on a large VGA monitor or, using composite cables, a conventional TV (if it accepts composite video input). Remember that you’ll also need a way to get the sound to a speaker system. The iPad’s built-in speakers are good but probably not loud enough for, for example, a family to listen to in a living room.

And, thus, there was happiness forever more in iPad-land.