Networking: Snap Into It with Beef Jerky Business Cards

I am under the impression that God really loves us. Anyone in PR can use help networking. From attending events to monitoring happy hours, the one thing all people who work have in common is what? Business cards. Few stand out among the card stock universe but a brilliant man named Chris Thompson from Philadelphia, Penn. has changed all that.

Ladies and Germs, may I present Beef Jerky Business Cards.

He calls them “Meat Cards” — 2″ x 4″ of artery-hardening lusciousness embossed with your corporate information. How did he do it? I’m sure he devoured … went through several drafts.

It’s tricky because jerky is not the best medium,” says Thompson, who notes that the dried meat “is full of holes, and it falls apart.” Well, ya think? If it’s not the best medium, why do it? Because this dude is praying for failed drafts on account that he skipped breakfast?

A set of four cards will run you $25. And if you get the munchies while cramming for a client proposal, guess what happens then? You are out of business cards for the presentation pitch next week. Of course, Thompson says these cards ain’t made for chomping but only to be used to “one-up someone with a paper card.”

Whelp. Here’s points for you, sir. Well played and let the networking begin. (Burp.)