Never Lose Your Keys Again with Stick-N-Find

Locating your invisible cats, keys, and cars just got easier, according to founders of Stick-N-Find, whose quarter-sized bluetooth gizmo enables radar technology on smartphones and mobile devices for forgetful owners.

The tiny stickers are battery-powered and can last up to one year with about 30 minutes of daily use. Unfortunately, they are not waterproof so if your cat is particularly fond of bathing, this might be a deal-breaker.

The project is under flexible funding at Indiegogo so even if they don’t meet their ambitious $70,000 goal, you can still get two for an early bird pledge of $35. That’s a bargain for a potentially lethal game of capture the flag in the dark, though I am personally waiting for bluetooth linked socks.

Press play below to watch the video…

via reddit user thewalk1100


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