New ADP Report Shows Job Growth

As 2013 winds down, there’s good news to share. According to an ADP report issued yesterday, the U.S. private sector added 215,000 jobs in November.

Numbers are based on literally millions of paychecks ADP handles each month. As for the really good news? The number was approximately 40,000 to 50,000 higher than predictions by economists, so says Business Insider

Here’s the scoop: Businesses with less than 50 workers added 102,000 new jobs whereas businesses exceeding 1,000 employees added 70,000 new jobs.

How’s this for more good news? The increase in November was the largest in a year and looks good for the monthly jobs report to be released tomorrow by the Department of Labor.

Economists anticipate the government will say the economy expanded by adding 180,000 jobs. It should be noted the Labor Department numbers include private sector jobs as well as government employment compared to the ADP report which only focuses on private sector jobs.