New App From Developers Help Berlin’s Sex Workers Connect With Clients

pepprMany consider sex-work to be the oldest profession on the planet, and now, that profession is also getting a little help from modern technology since they are definitely not getting it from Berlin’s modern laws.

Launched on April 1, the app Peppr, is like a virtual sex shop where sex-seeking clients can find a sex-worker worth paying. The app allows sex-workers to wait inside for a client at a warm place of their choosing: it is cold outside and they might run into a member of the law or a cold, unfriendly draft. Berlin is a cold place with unfriendly sex laws, but it’s colder if you have to wear a sexy uniform.

The app’s co-founder, Pia Poppenreiter, believes that it’s important to help only sex workers who have not been severely or  physically forced into using their body for profit. She and the app developers ensures this by working with only the finest escort agencies. They talk to the workers and have a “short conversation to get the feeling that this is voluntary and they are independent sex workers.” This is useful because you can “find out in a conversation whether they’re doing it on a voluntary basis – we ask them what they did before, whether they’ve always worked voluntarily and so on.”

Clearly, law makers have not had short conversations with sex workers, or, perhaps law makers have spoken to sex workers. They just found that sex workers are just doing it because they like it. Law makers just don’t care to help workers find better paying clients while sitting inside because they don’t consider the plight of sex-workers to be any different than any other ordinary citizens having sex, even though they most likely have used their services. This is the trouble with modern life, even with smartphone technology: law makers want to get more votes and sex-workers must get more clients.


Here is the app’s promotional video. We think it’s sexy, perhaps too sexy for work if you don’t sex for work. Unfortunately, it is in German and it is not the porn video you are looking for. If you are looking for porn, we advise that you go elsewhere on the internet, but be careful, because we hear it is the brand of spam that comes with mal-ware and ads for penis-enhancement.


Via The Local

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