New Is Now Live (and Live Is Still Alive)

Last Friday WebNewser offered a preview of the six-months-in-the-making, totally redesigned Well, the curtain has been lifted, and you can go visit the new and judge for yourself.

At last Thursday’s press unveiling, SVP and GM Kenneth “KC” Estenson said one goal was to do a better job highlighting video. Mission accomplished.

As my colleague Kevin Allocca wrote, a beta feature called “NewsPulse” (“like an iTunes for news”) enables visitors to see how popular particular stories are. Topping the list Monday morning: “‘Jane Doe’ found in N.Y. identified,” followed by “Morrissey in hospital after collapse.”

Several readers asked WebNewser over the weekend whether Live was still online. Fear not. You can reach it by typing in the URL yourself ( or going to the Video and clicking on the “Live on” hyperlink below the banner to the right.

The redesigned site also offers a higher profile for iReport, which allows users to submit news articles.

But the real question, as always, is how the new is playing in the Twitterverse. Some sample tweets:

“I’m impressed…at first glance it’s a very clean, well presented UI.” — @pepperjamceo

“new almost gave me a heart attack. Sweet Jesus, when did that happen?” — @kristinmc

OK, someone cut off Kristen’s caffeine supply. We don’t want any tragedies.

Call me crazy, but I like’s redesign. — @karstendick

Diggin’ the new CNN design. Very nice. Give me a solid grid and I’m happy. — @AisleOne

The newly redesigned Lipstick on a pig. Just sayin’. — @tindogcoffee

“ re-design goes live tom’w, promises ‘easier access to stories about car chases and missing white children.'” — @willmckinley

You have to admit that last one is funny.