New Dell Convertible Laptop Appears on FCC Website

So a rather odd little gadget cleared the FCC yesterday, and no one really knows what it is.

Intel sent one of its Wifi chips back through the FCC for a second visit yesterday. This time around it had a new Dell laptop wrapped around the chip. It’s the Dell Panerai, and other than the model number (P12F) no one really knows anything.

Everyone is assuming that this is a convertible like the Duo, but I’m not so sure. The test the FCC ran on it applies to not just convertibles; it looks like the same test needs to be run on any laptop with a Wifi antenna around the screen (most do that now).

It also has some rather odd dimensions for a convertible. The diagram above scales to 9.65″ by 15.16″. That is a heck of a lot wider but not much longer than my Inspiron Duo. If the Panerai is a convertible then it uses a really wide screen.

We really won’t know anything until it hits the market.


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