Facebook Testing Several New Features for Videos

Facebook outlined several new features for videos that it is testing, including suggested videos, as well as the ability to watch videos while multitasking and to save videos for later viewing.

Facebook outlined several new features for videos that it is testing with plans to launch “in the coming months,” including suggested videos, as well as the ability to watch videos while multitasking and to save videos for later viewing.

The social network is also testing a dedicated destination for videos, where users will be able to see videos they have saved–along with videos from friends, pages they follow and other publishers–in one place.

Vice president of product management Will Cathcart said in a Newsroom post that the social network is putting a priority on giving users more flexibility in terms of how and when they view videos.

On that note, Cathcart discussed the suggested videos feature Facebook has been testing for its iPhone users:

Suggested videos is one of the features we’ve been testing on iPhone, making it easy to discover multiple related videos in a row after you tap on a video from News Feed. While we’re still in the early days of testing, we’re pleased with initial results, which show that people who have suggested videos are discovering and watching more new videos. We’ve now rolled out suggested videos to most people on iPhone globally, and are starting to test ads within the experience. We are also starting to test this on the Web, and we plan to test on Android phones in the coming months.


Cathcart also wrote that the social network is testing a way for users to watch videos in small, floating screens while performing other tasks within Facebook.


The ability to save videos has been around in some form since at least last December, and Cathcart confirmed that Facebook is testing a button allowing users to save videos for later viewing, with those videos accessible via their saved bookmarks.


The videos section the social network is working on is still in the early stages of testing, according to Cathcart, who wrote:

Lastly, we’ll be testing a dedicated place on Facebook for people to go when they exclusively want to watch video—whether that’s videos they’ve saved for later, or videos from friends, pages they follow and other video publishers on Facebook. This new videos section helps people discover, watch and share videos on Facebook that are relevant to them. It can be accessed by tapping a “Videos” icon at the bottom of the Facebook app on iPhone or in the “Favorites” section on the left-hand side of News Feed on the Web. We’ll be testing this with a small number of people now, so this isn’t something most people will see on Facebook right away. We look forward to seeing how people use it to discover, watch and share videos with their friends.


Readers: What are your initial thoughts on these potential new video features from Facebook?

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