New Games Dominate On This Week’s List of Fastest-Gaining Facebook Games by DAU

Zynga has pulled a twofer this week, heading up both our Monday MAU list and today’s list of fastest Facebook gainers by daily active users with Treasure Isle. When the dust from the new game’s rocket-fueled growth settles less than half of the new DAU you see below will probably remain — but that would still be plenty to head up the the list.

Following it at number two is Playfish’s Hotel City, which has made gains over the past two weeks that would normally be considered spectacular, but are currently overshadowed by Isle. As you can see, everything else has picked up far fewer new DAU on our AppData list:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name DAU Gain Gain, %
1. Treasure Isle 4,383,461 +2,730,691 +165.22
2. Hotel City 2,638,497 +942,891 +55.61
3. Birthday Cards 1,808,120 +374,046 +26.08
4. Zoo Paradise 808,372 +178,983 +28.44
5. Family Feud 414,659 +172,410 +71.17
6. Happy Pets 1,720,771 +165,795 +10.66
7. Happy Aquarium 4,296,714 +115,003 +2.75
8. Happy Island 2,646,166 +114,452 +4.52
9. Mall World 131,472 +107,106 +439.57
10. Tiki Resort 940,072 +89,556 +10.53
11. Ninja Saga 934,149 +87,213 +10.30
12. Pet Society 4,079,277 +80,057 +2.00
13. Fish Friends 102,191 +78,678 +334.61
14. Zoo World 2,105,866 +65,364 +3.20
15. Bola 216,334 +49,464 +29.64
16. Bubble Island 975,133 +45,986 +4.95
17. Restaurant City 3,365,450 +42,851 +1.29
18. Mahjongg Dimensions 227,246 +42,575 +23.05
19. Kingdoms of Camelot 307,134 +32,151 +11.69
20. Wild Ones 439,709 +29,182 +7.11

CrowdStar’s latest, Zoo Paradise, has notched up its growth over the past couple weeks, although it has a long way to go to pass Happy PetsHappy Aquarium or Happy Island, which took out a block from numbers six to eight. But Paradise may yet catch its siblings; despite the impressive feat of getting four games within the top ten on the DAU list, CrowdStar’s overall DAU has remained steady, with only Paradise growing at any appreciable pace.

Mall World, at number nine, is coming up quickly. Like a social gaming version of Polyvore, Mall World has girls put together fashionable outfits on virtual characters, then open a boutique to sell their own clothes. As one commenter on the game’s wall describes it (in apparent ignorance of FarmVille’s very broad demographic), “Move over testosterone!! Here come the the ovaries!”.

Tiki Resort, another island-themed game by Playdom, is still coming up, though its DAU as a percentage of MAU has fallen below 20 percent. Fish Friends, several places down, takes the fun offshore; it’s also growing well, something of a surprise since the fish-raising genre is months old now.

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