New Heights for Twitter: 100 Million Users

Ah, to think back on all those jokes.

“Do I Twitter?” went the classic question-in-response-to-a-question, often asked with a look of befuddlement, or boredom, or busier-than-thou disgust, and always followed by the “who cares what so-and-so ate for breakfast?”

Well, a few fans of MC Hammer cared what he was up to (to date @MCHammer attracts a whopping 2, 204, 299 followers).

Others cared about people’s whereabouts and updates, too, realizing Twitter, along with other social networking sites could be about so much more than who ate their Wheaties (the breakfast cereal which, we were pleased to just discover, boasts 67,000-plus fans on Facebook).

Last week, it was reported by the San Francisco Chronicle that Twitter has crossed the 100 million monthly active users mark and has 50 million users that log on daily, as tracked by the San Francisco micro-blogging service. That’s an 82% increase since January 2011, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo told Chronicle staff writer Benny Evangelista.

Still, as impressive as this number of active users sounds, Evangelista’s article points out that it is hard to decipher which Twitter users are actually having meaningful interactions and engaging, not to mention which users are paid to Tweet marketing material about a brand, company or business as part of their jobs. And then there is the whole question of multiple accounts for the same entity.

Of particular interest among the stats mentioned in Evangelista’s article is a 40% representing “active users” who have not posted any Tweets in the last month.

We’re not sure how they qualify as active, either.

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