New HuffPo Book Editor Tells Publishing PR How To Pitch

Huffington Post books editor Amy Hertz published an open letter to the publishing industry yesterday – specifically those in PR and marketing – with some guidelines on how to pitch the recently launched section. She starts off with some clarification, “This is NOT a book review section. Let me say that again, because I know about 72,000 publicists just plotzed because they have no idea what to do other than ask for a review.”

So, how do you get into HuffPo books? Blog for the site, engage their readers, pitch two to four months in advance of the release date, and of course develop relationships with editors.

Writes in one reader who works in the marketing department of a major publisher, “She makes good points (pitch accurately, don’t spam people, think of creative ways to promote your product) but the tone is so…lecture-y and condescending. And, essentially, she’s telling us that we have to create our own content on the site because they’re not going to do it.”

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