New Job at BBC: Social Media Editor

As part of its ambitious plan to both cover and utilize social networking, the BBC is creating the position of social media editor.

The Guardian‘s Mercedes Bunz reports that the BBC’s SME will work out of the news organization’s U.K. office.

As to what exactly the SME will do, it sounds like that’s still uncharted territory. Bunz quotes Nic Newman, the BBC’s future media and technology controller, journalism:

“We don’t know exactly what works out. What guidelines does a news organisation need? What is the best way for a journalist to present yourself? What is the thing you watch out for? To reach out to your viewer with social media is a way of taking your audience seriously, and that is very important for the BBC.”

Bunz reported three weeks ago that the BBC plans an extensive redesign of its web site to emphasize social media. The organization hopes to unveil the new site by March.

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