New Local DC News Startup TBD: Your Resume Isn’t Getting Lost, But If You Spelled It “RSUM” We Might Have Thrown It Out

Searching for a job at You and eight hundred others.

And incredibly, despite the hundreds of websites offering free, not-that-bad resume advice and the probably thousands of people who will take a look at your application package for a reasonable fee, and despite the fact that most of the people applying for these jobs are probably reasonably intelligent, college-educated people, many of these applications are still not up to par.

TBD’s Julie Westfall is tweeting some of the applicants’ worst mistakes with the hashtag #resumetip.

Do people really do this?

And in regards to this post’s title, apparently one poor applicant had a text encoding problem and his/her “é”s turned into blanks. That led Westfall to tweet: “It went downhill when you spelled resume ‘rsum.'” Another reminder of the utmost importance of proofreading and double-checking.

Westfall says that they are not letting any resume slip through the cracks. Instead, “at least one person with a say has taken a look at it.”

But if you spelled it “RSUM” you’re probably not getting the job.

Update: Of course, nobody’s perfect. Westfall’s own online resume has “n”s where there should be bullet points, at least on our computer. But that didn’t stop her from getting her new gig.

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