New Media Index: Bloggers Flock to Times Square, Apple Rules Twitter

The failed car-bomb attempt in New York’s Times Square blew up all over the blogosphere, while Apple continued to tempt Twitter users, and the most-watched news and politics video on YouTube was footage of President Barack Obama and Jay Leno telling jokes at the May 1 White House Correspondents Dinner, according to the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism’s New Media Index for the week of May 3-7.

A total of 16 percent of news links shared via blogs were related to the unsuccessful terrorism attempt, and it was followed by: the Gulf Coast oil spill, at 15 percent; protests in Greece over that country’s economic turmoil, at 12 percent; a study of Dutch adults finding that moderate alcohol drinkers may have healthier lifestyles and lower risks of diabetes, at 11 percent; and the story of a 39-year-old German man who unofficially married his dying cat, at 9 percent.

A host of Apple-related stories accounted for 17 percent of Tweeted news links, and they were followed by: Microsoft, at 13 percent; the general election in the United Kingdom, at 10 percent; Google’s purchase of Bump Technologies, at 9 percent; and the likelihood of the Federal Communications Commission imposing network-neutrality rules on broadband providers, at 8 percent.

The antics of Obama and Leno were followed on YouTube by: a May 1 report from Al Jazeera English about the options for trying to contain the Gulf of Mexico oil spill; video of the burning oil; raw CNN footage of a car in Tulsa, Okla., that rammed the side of a parking garage and was suspended in the wall; and footage of the Dutch Navy freeing a German cargo ship from Somali pirates. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.