New Mobiles Sites for MSNBC, EveryBlock

MSNBC launched snazzy new mobile sites for both its MSNBC/NBC News properties and hyperlocal aggregator EveryBlock today, hoping to grab the attention of the increasing number of people who use smartphones to peruse the news.

The sites, which have now been optimized for smartphones, have upgraded their modes of interactivity—users can now touch and flip their way through the content, in addition to old-fashioned scrolling. The MSNBC site is integrated with video, so users can watch clips from NBC News and MSNBC on their devices. MSNBC says the sites can be accessed from iPhones, Android phones, and the Palm Pre.

“We continue to see rapid growth across our mobile platforms as consumers turn to smartphones and other mobile devices to get their news,” MSNBC Digital Network President Charlie Tillinghast said in a press release.