New Online SF Community Launched

The UK horror and SF publisher Hodder & Stoughton has just launched Hodderscape, their new Facebook group for all things SF. The group was formally announced last weekend at the SFX Weekender in Prestatyn Sands, Wales. According to Oliver Johnson, the associate publisher at Hodder, “Hodderscape represents our commitment to engaging with readers of genre fiction and hearing their voices and sharing with them our enjoyment of all the marvelous new books that Hodder are publishing in the coming months.”

Hodderscape is going to be managed by the Horror and SF editorial staff at Hodder, and it is already up to 89 members.The staff plans to run severl promotions this year, and they’re currently running one right now.

It’s called “Shelf of Glory“. Hodder is looking for the most impressive collection of books, toys, or what have you. Competition is fierce, with some fans reveling themselves to be dedicated collectors of SF memorabilia. But you can still participate by submitting a picture of your bookshelf.

Hodderscape via The Bookseller

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