New Penguin eBooks Not Available on Amazon

Last week, GalleyCat reported that Amazon and Penguin had failed to reach an agreement about eBook pricing, resulting in Penguin withholding new Penguin eBooks from Amazon. Indeed, this has already come to pass.

Here’s an excerpt from the letter Penguin sent last week to agents and authors (check the GalleyCat post linked above for the full letter): “Your newly released eBook is currently not available on Amazon, but all of your eBooks released prior to April 1st are still for sale on their site. We want to also assure you that all of your books are available through other e-tailers and at bricks and mortar stores everywhere…”

If you’d like to test this out, look for a new penguin book, like The Executor by Jesse Kellerman, an April book from Penguin/Putnam. As you can see, only the print edition is available from Amazon, whereas the Sony eBook store has the eBook.

And so the eBook wars rage on.

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