New Report Compares Countries With Mandated Paid Vacation Time; Spain & Portugal are Most Generous

Got vacation days? As the summer kicks into high gear with July 4th right around the corner, let’s just say we hope paid time off is on the calendar even though your employer isn’t required by law to provide it.  

According to a report from the Center for Economic and Policy Research, the U.S. was one of the 21 countries included in the report. Every country except ours had laws which required to pay employees ranging from 10 to 30 vacation days each year.

As for the good news? The French seem to have it going on. As per the report, their employers must provide 30 paid vacation days each year and one paid holiday.

It gets better — the report also included paid holidays and technically Portugal and Austria topped the list with 35 days in total (22 vacation days and 13 paid holidays)! Germany and Spain came close since their employers must provide 24 vacation days and 10 paid holidays and 22 vacation days and 12 holidays, respectively.

Although Canada and Japan were at the low end of the list with laws relating to 10 paid vacation days a year and nine holidays and zero respectively, apparently we don’t have laws in place on this topic.

Despite the lack of a mandate, here on American soil 77 percent of U.S. workers still get paid vacation time even though their employers aren’t required by law to give it to them. They took about 13 vacation days each year. Breaking it down further, employees who worked for large companies were more likely than people who worked for small companies to get paid time off.

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