New Report now Out: California Universities & Digital Content

I’ve just come across a report from earlier this year on the California State University System and its efforts to launch a state wide digital textbook system. This was a year end report and it’s a little out of date now, but it doesn’t appear that anyone has covered it just yet.

2010 was marked by a vast number of eReader and digital textbook pilot programs, and California had one of the larger ones: the Digital Marketplace. This is a state wide program that California has been working towards for several years now. The key eveny in 2010 was a 5 campus, 3 thousand student pilot program that California planned to expand to include all state universities.

The primary goals of the DM are to move the CSUS towards digital content while reducing cost and waste and  making it easier to for students and professors to find content. It’s not clear from the report whether the pilot program achieved these goals, but then again this was a pilot.  One goal that the pilot did achieve was saving students money; the report mentions that by switching to subscription based content, students collectively save saved $330,000.

You can find the complete report here. It’s 8 pages long and well worth a read.

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