New Safe Horizon Campaign Aims to ‘Put The Nail in Domestic Violence’

Here's what those purple finger nail photos are all about.

#PutTheNailinIt – #PutTheNailinIt

New York-based Safe Horizon, the largest victims’ services agency in the United States, offers assistance to victims of domestic violence through multiple programs, including safe shelter, in-person councelling, legal services, and hotlines. In an effort to raise funds and spread awareness, Safe Horizon has launched the #PutTheNailInIt campaign, which urges people to donate to the organization and then spread the word by painting the nails on their left ring fingers purple and sharing their pledges via social media.

As part of the push, the organization released the below PSA over the weekend. Created pro-bono by Arnold New York, the spot features multiple celebrities with personal connections to the cause, including domestic abuse survivors Alan Cumming and Miss America 2015 Kira Kazantsev (Kazanstev worked with Safe Horizon during her Miss New York days).

The #PutTheNailInIt hashtag is picking up steam on Twitter as supporters aim to rally others to the cause.

Some brands are even getting involved, sharing their own pledges via Twitter.

AnaLiza Alba, a creative director at Arnold, said of the PSA:

“Our intention was to spark a conversation with a provocative campaign direction and then show the rest of the world that we supported the movement through the painting of the nail.”

And of the somewhat lighthearted nature of the fingernail painting portion of the campaign, Safe Horizon’s CEO explained, “A lot of domestic violence messages can be dark and hard for the average person to embrace, while not making light of the issue. We wanted something with a broader social currency.”

The combination of these two statements–one which points out that the nail painting is supposed to happen after a person has donated, and the other that explains the logic behind including a simple, colorful element in a campaign centered around such dark material–should douse the predictable  “how does painting my finger nail actually help anyone” trolls before they even come out of the woodwork.

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