New Saw 6 Promotion Let's You Kill Your Facebook Friends

Apparently violent Facebook applications are the new trend. Last week I wrote about Al-Qaeda Wars application which let you fight against terrorists, and was subsequently shut down. This week, a new Saw 6 promotion launched and it enables you to choose which of your friends will be killed and which will be saved. Sound violent? It is!

It’s so clever that a 3rd grader could come up with it after illegally viewing an R-rated movie. As the people over at Special Ops Media explained to us:

Using Facebook Connect, the user select which six friends they want to include in the wheel trap – immediately the game starts and the user sees his/her friends facebook profile images appear on screen and within the Wheel of Death trap. The clock ticks and the user must decide to either SHOOT or SAVE their friend, keeping in mind that only two of the six friends can be saved.

Once the game is complete, the user is prompted to update their facebook status with the results of the game, listing which friends were saved, and which were killed.

While integrating your friends into movie trailers makes a lot of sense, for some reason, deciding to kill your friends seems kind of strange. Yes, it may be one of the segments of the movie, however the point of you watch the movie because you don’t want to ever be in such a situation. If for some reason you want to go through the process of killing off four of your Facebook friends, view the Saw 6 promotional site.

Do you think this is a creative promotional idea or does it go to far? Do you find it entertaining to choose which of your friends gets murdered and which will survive?