New Sharing App Looks to Out-Snap the Competition

The week of big announcements about Twitter and Instagram’s new direct messaging pic share features would be a sensible time to announce the release of a new app from a company looking to share a spotlight that will burn out quicker than a Snapchat selfie.

Meet Backpeddle, a new app “that allows 30 seconds of video or audio plus text messaging.”

Its differentiator is the ability to, in the words of the company’s tagline, “Take back control of your social media” by “backpeddling” on questionable decisions.

What does that mean, exactly?

The app lets users or “peddlers” determine the lifespan of their images, videos, text messages or audio files “with less worry about how it may impact their future”. Once said lifespan ends or a user deletes the content, no one will be able to see it even if others have shared it. This product was “created by parents”, presumably to help prevent their kids from getting in trouble for doing those things that kids do.

That won’t save them from the dreaded screen shot, but it seems that Backpeddle has addressed the privacy issues plaguing its competitors as thoroughly as possible.

Here’s what co-founder and general manager Natalie Ross had to say about the matter:

“…BackPeddle is stepping into the ring to take on Snapchat as the only full-featured, cross-platform ‘internet eraser’ with full video, photo and audio capabilities which integrates seamlessly with Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Among other industry-first features, BackPeddle allows users to set expiration dates for posted video, photos and audio that, when triggered, will literally erase the content wherever it’s posted – plus private messaging text capabilities and a full 30 seconds of video or audio!  We are incredibly excited to bring the next generation of social media with so many intrinsic advantages to the market.”

OK, but what does it look like? We just downloaded it, so here’s a glimpse of users all over “the world”:

Looks like your standard stuff with some extra protection built in. And yes, they addressed those pesky Snapchat issues with an infographic:


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